What a blast from my past LOL!
Considering how shitty things have gone so far, being able to access this little snippet of time has been hella entertaining. And brought me to tears. But not in a good way, more like in a "omg I can't believe it this is so embarrassing how did I ever think this was worth writing" kind of way LOL!

But it's there it is and as cringe-worthy as this all is, it's part of my past and, you know...fuck it. Why not keep it, have a laugh if I choose to walk down memory lane again? For that matter, why not explore this format again and see if any of us oldies still use this thing?

So, accoridng to this, I got my account in 2002. I was...geez 19. HOLY SHIT. 19. Hell, even my username is from one of my favorite neopets I had (which I'm still amazed they still exist LOL)

I'm almost 35 now! SO. OLD! lol!

Well priorities have definitely shifted from then to now.

That dude (Dee Jay) I dated is now my husband. Happily married since 2009.
We graduated MCAD together and went from part time freelancers to full time artists.
Since graduating, we went from struggling to get by living in my parents' house to our 3 year anniversary as home owners ourselves.
We had our own brick and mortar store in a mall in Orlando. (well, I still have it technically, for like...11 more days. The mall itself is shutting its doors so everyone is leaving)
We've been doing cons hardcore, and have met some super amazing people doing so.
We've had some pretty awesome experiences, like selling our work in Universal CityWalk and being in a really awesome art show in NYC.
Dee Jay was felt up my Morimoto and it was the most hilarious thing on the planet.

Hmmm...Not much else that I can scrounge up (I've been up since 4 and my brain is finally winding down to a point where I might be able to go back to sleep LOL)

Not looking forward to this evening.
As much as I love my family, I sometimes hate it when they come over to visit. Especially when it has to do with matters of the home or issues that may need to be taken care of. Everyone wants to bark orders and make it a pressing issue when we should've just made some time to fix it a long time ago.

For this event in particular, it's about a house. My late aunt's house to be exact. Dad and Aunt Miña approached me about buying her house since my cousin no longer wished to live there. I talked it out with Dee Jay and we both agreed it'd be a great opportunity to finally have a space of our own. So we made arrangements with a realtor my aunt recommended to acquire a credit report. We got said report and what we were told to do after that was to wait. For what? I have no idea. I asked if we should be looking for anything else, searching for grants and whatnot, and she told us nope, that just to wait. And it's been months. Miña comes by yesterday and wants to spend the few days she has here to check on the house, see how everything is going with it. Cool, no problem. This morning, Dee Jay chuckles as he gets dressed because he overhears my aunt talking to...another aunt and my mother about the house and what should be done about it. We joked that they would wait 'till he's gone to say anything about it to me. He kisses me goodbye and heads out the door.

No sooner than I lock the door behind him, I'm approached my Miña telling me she needs mine and Dee Jay's last 2 paystubs, taxes from the last 2 years as well my fathers. I call Dee Jay and tell him about it and we get into a spat because he's saying I don't man up and just tell them how I feel when in reality...it's just not that easy. Especially when I run the risk of being chewed out by two aunts and my mother (which sometimes I think my mom can be really influenced when there's more of the family around her) while he thinks it's no big deal, even when I do voice a different opinion, I have to deal with the onslaught of the rest of the family. Alone. I can't tell you how tired I am of being surrounded when he's not around to deal with things that are supposed to involve both of us. I mean, it's not like I'm the major breadwinner either. So if there's anything they'd like to discuss about the house, wouldn't they rather have the person with the winning income there to talk shop with?

I told Miña that I couldn't find the papers she was looking for (I was half lying) and she said that's fine, but we're gonna have to have a sit down with Dee Jay, Dad and myself about how we're gonna move forward with this purchase, if we even buy it at all. I've been wanting to do something with the place for months; and now it has to happen because she deems it so. For something I've barely been able to explore, this whole house buying thing is getting to be a real headache. I'm beginning to wonder if it's even worth it.
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back to the light table, LOL
Things have gotten quite rutty lately. Business hasn't been hitting as well as I had hoped, despite the regular applying. The few projects I actually have are basically pro-bono which I'm not a fan of but damn if the stories aren't cool. It's also in comics, something I've wanted to get into but never got around to it. At the very least, this will serve as actual good portfolio work. *sigh* I'm still not liking that I'm doing so much work for free and I'm having a rather hard time finding a way out of it. I've spoken with Dee Jay and we're actually considering agencies that might help us score some more jobs. Maybe at least once we get a few clients under our belt we can go solo again, but at the moment, I don't know...we got the biz up, we got good variety of work, we're talking and networking...what are we missing?

This frustration has gotten me to a sort of "f**k it" point. Not the "f**k it I'm done doing this" but "f**k it, if I'm gonna do work for free, I might as well do work for me for free" so I began looking through some older sketches and animation work. Book It is definitely something I want to finish, but I think I'm still dreading wanting to go back into it. At least, if I did, I think I'd still half ass something and I don't want to do that.

That project though got me thinking about another one, one that I had to abandon because I wouldn't have been able to finish it on time. I was real bull headed about it in the beginning, I spent a month on the boards almost another 2 just getting the keys down on the first 10 seconds of the film and my instructor/adviser kept reaming me about it because he was like, there's no way you're going to finish this at the level you'll be satisfied with and with the time frame you want (it was slated at 10 minutes) keep up with your other classes. Hell, one of my other instructors told me I was going to kill myself if I kept animating the way I did. I thought it was funny until he asked me why I was laughing (which made me laugh more because now I was nervous, LOL!)

It wasn't until mid to late November that I gave in and started over on Book It. I had a small head start on the boards for Book It because it was originally a location assignment for my storyboard class. They were a quarter of the way done, I just continued the story from where i left off, lol!) Still not 100% happy with the end product of that animation, but it was still funny and I still think it was a pretty good attempt with 16 credit hours in 4 months, lol!

Anywhoo, the original project was based off of a Japanese myth involving 3 gods, Amaterasu, the sun goddess, Tsukuyomi the moon god, and Ukemochi, the goddess of food (I guess, lol!)

The gist of the story is that Amaterasu is doing her rounds but doesn't have time to hit everyone, so she asks her brother, Tsukuyomi, to visit Ukemochi and see how things are. Ukemochi hears that he's coming to visit and makes a fabulous feast for him in a rather...unconventional way. She either barfs or poops it out. It looked great though. Now, she thought she did a great job. Tsukuyomi? Not so much. In fact, he was so livid he killed her. Not only that, but once he's done the deed, he goes to his big sis to tell her the good thing he did. Except that he didn't do a good thing, not to her. Amaterasu was so hurt and upset that he would do such a thing that she never wanted to see him again. Since then, he's been chasing after her wanting forgiveness. And that is how we have day and night.

I wish I knew where the actual story was; my asian studies instructor gave me the story but I believe it's still buried in boxes from our move. Finding the right story has been hard to find since, but I have found some nice variations, some that talk a little more about Ukemochi since she's one of the lesser known gods.

I thought it'd be real neat to take the story and turn it into a modern day drama. How would this story translate in the modern world? How would these gods interact with the here and now? Then I thought, should they even be gods at all? What about a more modern perception of worship? Celebrities, super wealthy types, they' re treated like gods to some extent (well, that's a pretty exaggerated way to think of it, but you get my drift) they have power and influence, they can do almost whatever they want. What if they weren't adults either?

What if they weren't adults? What about their influence was inherited? How would they handle it as kids? Teens? How would they wield that power at a younger age? How would their god like status be interpreted then? All these kind of questions were popping up as I was working on this initially and as much as I hated to admit it to my adviser later, he was right. There was just too much to do with that kind of a deadline.

Now though, I have all the time in the world (well, sort of, lol!) I've gotta start setting up a deadline for myself. But I'm really looking forward to answering these questions to create a real solid story. Save for like, one thing, every part of the original attempt at this animation has been scrapped. I can't wait to see what it's gonna look like now!

Best week ever!
Well, I don't know about any of you guys, but my week last week was almost entirely awesome. Probably because I was out of the country for 7 days on a cruise with Dee Jay and my in-laws. OMG what a blast that was!

We had to fly to San Juan to board the boat. We went to St. Thomas, Barbados, St.Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Maarten. One day was a sea day. I tried my best not to overeat on the cruise but...god, the temptation was great and I failed with flying colors, LOL! I don't think I was as bad as some of the other people there, eating 4 starters and 3 entrees and stuff, but if I felt even remotely hungry I went straight to the Lido deck to get some food, lol! One of the things the family kept telling me is that eating is what you're supposed to do there; it's plentiful and all over the place, so why not? I did real good for about 2 days. Then I threw caution to the wind. Now I'm passing wind because of all the crap still digesting in my belly. LOL!!!

Other than the constant eating, we spent most of the days out and about the islands. We know in St. Thomas iguanas walk like they own the streets and apparently hate towels with a passion, monkeys pretty much own St. Kitts, The sulfur springs are wonderful in St. Lucia and St. Maarten has an airport directly across the street to a beach. The planes are so close to the public when they land that you can almost touch them. There's even signs that say standing too close to the fence during arrival and takeoff can cause severe bodily injury and/or death. Yay, what a prospect to look forward to! LOL!

I might have to finish this up later...I'm pooped!!

ramblings and convention yays
I swear to god I haven't been abandoning this thing on purpose! I've just...well, I just don't think I've had anything interesting to say in awhile. I've been staying home alot more often now that I'm working almost exclusively on art and at conventions and stuff, which is hella rewarding; but it's still not making the money that I am hoping it would. That's not to say that I expected ourselves to be an overnight success, but...my goodness, freelance is hella hard to find. Sometimes, it feels so daunting that I don't even know where I'd want to begin! ARRG.

The conventions have been fabulous though. I'll admit, the one we did up north we didn't do as well money wise, but it was still a great time that was had. We met some great people and sold one of Dee Jay's spray paintings during the drive home, lol!! Megacon was fan-flipping-tastic! We were like, 30 bucks under our AFO end total which honestly blew me away. I had no idea that we'd be as well received as we were there, with all the amazing talent surrounding us. I was hella worried and honestly afraid that we were going to bomb this one, only because there were so many better options (in my opinion at least) I was wondering why the hell people would even come over to our table. But they did, and bought alot of stuff and I was floored and so thankful to everyone that came by and talked with us or bought something. I'm totally doing this again next year.

I've got nothing convention wise next month, so I'm hoping to power through the rest of these commissions so that I can focus on some new art for the next cons coming up in april. We're selling at least one original piece at every con which is great but that leaves alot of pockets in my portfolio that need to be filled back up, lol! I've already got a few new concepts so I'm looking forward to focusing on that soon. I think I might just have to find a way to divide my time with commissions and personal work, so that I don't get burned out with too much of one particular thing.

I think...I think that's it for now, lol! I'm sorry, I've been kind of unnecessarily scattered lately. I'll have to fix that soon, lol!!

Back from the dead! (seemingly)
I've just been posting here alot less that I've intended to. Which sucks because I really do enjoy blogging for funzies. This month has been hectic as HELL though. I'm at the home stretch on an animation for a client and it's been taking up almost every second of my time as of late. Seriously, it's been wake up, go to desk draw 'till I'm hungry...which is a very bad thing for me. When I'm really into a project I get into the habit of not wanting to get up unless I absolutely have to. There are days that I have to ask myself "did I eat today?" or worse still "when was the last time I ate?" At one point I think I hit a 3 day mark.

Then again that's what happens when I'm animating. Funny, when I started this project I kinda told myself that since I don't have any other real distractions, like classes or the theme park, I'd be able to pace myself well and keep a regular 8hr day and be able to do other things. Nope. I was able to do that in the concept and boarding stages, but once it got down to the knitty gritty of it all, I became a full blown hermit. Seriously, I've gone out of this room only for potty breaks and to get water. I've been in this room so long I'm about to start talking to the drawings on my wall for company, LOL!

I've been pulling some insane hours as of late too. 22 was my highest so far. on average I'd say I work 10-12 though before I'm either too tired, or Dee Jay needs to use the computer for our project (since this one doesn't die like our laptops do) or my hand is too swelled and hurts to draw anything. At the moment, it's the hand swelling. It hurts like a bitch! I hate it! *cries*

At the same time though? OMG it's coming out so nice!! It kind of sucks that I can put in a full work day for only a few seconds of final result but at the same time there's that feeling of satisfaction knowing the character looks nice and is coming alive right before you! That honestly keeps me going while I'm working; I'll be seeing a real cute little animation at the end; something that i helped create and bring to life!

Ok, I'd better ice and brace this hand before the knot on the wrist gets worse, lol.

Animators can be such geeks.
The other morning I was humming random Disney tunes in my head and Hunchback of Notre Dame's "Feast of Fools" was on cerebral repeat. Besides this movie being awesome, it stands out for a couple sentimental reasons; one, when my cousin and I shared a room she used to make me sing damn near the entire soundtrack to her before she went to sleep. You know, during those days when I thought I was going to grow up and be a famous singer and sing for Disney and all that (how I was going to do that with stage fright, I'll never know, but hey these were childhood dreams, lol!) and also because that's one of the few animated movies that Dee Jay had yet to see. Spent the rest of the day really wanting to watch it with him. Not just watch, but make a neat little event out of it; something to match the theme of the movie.

When I told him I wanted to watch the movie with him he was all for it. What's better, he was totally in with the themed night too (awesome!) so after we did our rounds after work we went to Publix and went all out; wine, cheese and fruit; crusty bread, olive oil and salt & pepper to spice it with. We snuck away into our room, arranged all the fixins and  pressed play. I'm happy to say that after all these years I still remember most of the lyrics to the songs and I did my best to sing them quietly so I wouldn't ruin the movie. My fav part was watching Dee Jay choke on his wine laughing at the part where Quasimodo grabbed Pheobus at the stairway and Quasi has him like, 3 feet off the ground, LOL! It was nice also to admire the movie again, not just for the fact that it was good, but spotting little technical things like AE masks and filters, cycles, slow ins/outs and so many other little nuances that give characters so much flair. It was just pretty awesome to re-visit a bit of my childhood, re-discover things I might have missed and now that I know a bit more of what goes into an animation, to find a whole slew of new things to love about it as well. That, and hearing Dee Jay's astonishment about how big Esmeralda's rack is. That's my baby! LMAO!

With all the drama going down with jobs and health, It was great to just forget about everything for awhile to have some good, uninterrupted quality time with my hubby. I really hope to do it again someday soon.

Non-sleepiness, you come at the worst times.
I really shouldn't be doing anything besides sleeping since i have work tomorrow. But I'm feeling like complete and total crap, so trying to wind down is being a real pain in the behind. Dee Jay's nursing a severely sprained knee and I'm worried like mad over it. He's doing much better than he was the other day, but when he came home tuesday he was in tears. It breaks me up so much to see him that way.  He's on crutches at the moment and he's really trying to not have to use them. I commend him for it, but I just hope he doesn't push himself too hard! I can't help it, I worry, lol!

I'm on my last stretch with these storyboards. It's almost a relief to be done with them; there was a point where I was so blocked I wanted to cry. Plus it was way out of my comfort zone; it was a mecha based story. I've never even drawn a toaster (figuratively) let alone a mecha, lol! But it's a good thing; it was a challenging story to convey and I hope that it works well when i compile them into an animatic. It's great getting back into something animation related. It's even better knowing I haven't completely lost it.

MetroCon was wonderful and it left me with a few commissions that I had to take home with me, so I'll be working on that almost as soon as I finish this animatic. I think I might try to push more commission works again; there's been a positive spike in our pageviews of our public sites, so I'm hoping we can take advantage of that in a way, lol,

I guess I should try to sleep. It's gonna be over 100 degrees again tomorrow. I need whatever rest i can sweat off for tomorrow, LOL!

Today was nothing short of fantabulous. Nothing even happened today really, Just getting chores done and Dee Jay and I finally getting our schedules to mesh accordingly so we can sit and dedicate some serious time into the business. We've got MetroCon coming up in a couple of weeks; this will be our first real test to see how long we've suffered being out of the con scene, getting a feel for what's buzzing in the artist's alley, to network with others and catch up with people...I'm excited and super scared all at the same time.

Oh, did I mention that we got all our paperwork approved? Yep, GenkiGoth Studios is now a legal and active LLC. I can't begin to describe how awesome it feels. Not that we're banking or anything really. We had some money set aside to establish the business and start getting things we've needed....one of the hardest hits being some new equipment that will get us one step closer to facilitating our animation process. Well, that's the plan anyway, lol. I've been working on a commercial of sorts to get GGS some buzz again and to support the local artists that are there. I don't think it'll be played anyplace significant on such short notice, but there are still lots of people that attend Metro and at the very very least, we can have it looping at our desk or something like that. At the same time though, if I can't have it by then I've also got AFO, and I think I have more time to talk to them about it. Other than that, it's been making a hefty supply list, figuring out what we need left to buy in order to sell and what sort of "grabby" things we want to have out that's affordable enough for people to buy. It's almost as challenging as making the art itself, lol. Let's be serious, negotiation related to pricing can be a real pain in the ass. I want it all to be affordable but I also want us to make some kind of a profit too.

I'm trying to think about this whole thing as seriously because I feel like it's gonna be real different now. We've been out for awhile. We're going to a con we've never been to and we're no longer a slightly organized hobby. We made a monetary commitment to make this thing a real biz and I hope we are successful. I mean, it's not gonna happen overnight I'm sure lol! But I'm reeeeallly hoping that I'm establishing some kind of good biz habits so that I don't kill myself in the stress of it later on, lol!

MetroCon is the 17 of this month. Oh.Mu.Gosh. It's gonna be insane.

whoa, may already...!
I feel like I've been making my presence less and less known as the months drag on. Could be that maybe February has still been gnawing at me, which is quite lamentable seeing has how it's not getting me anywhere. Seriously, I don't know how long I'm gonna grieve until I'm quite back to my former self. I'm not used to this, and I'm not really liking it either. Life moves on regardless, and I'm trying to force myself back into the present and get back to things that I've been wanting to do, make myself motivated so that I'm not just going through motions of the day. I need to live again, simply existing is simply exhausting, lol.

I made one step in the right direction though. Today I spent the better part of the day stuck in my seat reading and getting stuff together to make our business an formal entity. Hopefully I should get the papers within the month. I've talked about it enough, Dee Jay and I have talked about what we wanted and needed till the cows came home but we never took action. Today I guess I figured if want to get it done, I'm going to have to get it done. So I did. It's a small accomplishment but...dammit it feels great! I just need to file one more piece of info so that I can tax properly.

Cons are coming up in the next few months, and I'm hoping to get my hands in them as soon as I can. That also means getting suitable goods to sell at said conventions, but I'm really need to try to take advantage of the fact that the park closes early. I'll be tired as hell when I get home, but I gotta make myself understand that some lost sleep is just a sacrifice for something that will, god willing be profitable in the long run.

Also, I seem to be scratching my head as to what to sell besides just prints at our tables. So far, we've considered:
buttons (maybe?)

Other options are
Sketchbooks (rough in process work)
artbooks (a selection of finished work)

I'm in a bind as to what people would really use nowadays. I'm a paper junkie, so traditional calendars, planners and stuff I use, but in the world of Blackberrys and iPhones, I don't know if anyone even consider these options anymore.

Anyone have any ideas?


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