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Today was nothing short of fantabulous. Nothing even happened today really, Just getting chores done and Dee Jay and I finally getting our schedules to mesh accordingly so we can sit and dedicate some serious time into the business. We've got MetroCon coming up in a couple of weeks; this will be our first real test to see how long we've suffered being out of the con scene, getting a feel for what's buzzing in the artist's alley, to network with others and catch up with people...I'm excited and super scared all at the same time.

Oh, did I mention that we got all our paperwork approved? Yep, GenkiGoth Studios is now a legal and active LLC. I can't begin to describe how awesome it feels. Not that we're banking or anything really. We had some money set aside to establish the business and start getting things we've of the hardest hits being some new equipment that will get us one step closer to facilitating our animation process. Well, that's the plan anyway, lol. I've been working on a commercial of sorts to get GGS some buzz again and to support the local artists that are there. I don't think it'll be played anyplace significant on such short notice, but there are still lots of people that attend Metro and at the very very least, we can have it looping at our desk or something like that. At the same time though, if I can't have it by then I've also got AFO, and I think I have more time to talk to them about it. Other than that, it's been making a hefty supply list, figuring out what we need left to buy in order to sell and what sort of "grabby" things we want to have out that's affordable enough for people to buy. It's almost as challenging as making the art itself, lol. Let's be serious, negotiation related to pricing can be a real pain in the ass. I want it all to be affordable but I also want us to make some kind of a profit too.

I'm trying to think about this whole thing as seriously because I feel like it's gonna be real different now. We've been out for awhile. We're going to a con we've never been to and we're no longer a slightly organized hobby. We made a monetary commitment to make this thing a real biz and I hope we are successful. I mean, it's not gonna happen overnight I'm sure lol! But I'm reeeeallly hoping that I'm establishing some kind of good biz habits so that I don't kill myself in the stress of it later on, lol!

MetroCon is the 17 of this month. Oh.Mu.Gosh. It's gonna be insane.

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ahhh congratulations!!!! I've been thinking about doing all the uh.. Legal stuff for RKP but I'm really finicky about it. Does it help as far as getting supplies/equipment or copyright and stuff like that? *just curious*

Also good luck at the con! I've got one coming up too! You better post how it goes lady! I'm really excited for you guys ^^

Eeeeeeee congrats! :D You're all officialified! That's so exciting... and validating, too! It must be tricky now, getting down to all the nitty-gritty of what has to come next to make this thing work and get it off the ground, but I know you guys can do it! Sending loads of happy thoughts, because you two are mega-loads of talented, and you deserve to soar! :D

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