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Non-sleepiness, you come at the worst times.
I really shouldn't be doing anything besides sleeping since i have work tomorrow. But I'm feeling like complete and total crap, so trying to wind down is being a real pain in the behind. Dee Jay's nursing a severely sprained knee and I'm worried like mad over it. He's doing much better than he was the other day, but when he came home tuesday he was in tears. It breaks me up so much to see him that way.  He's on crutches at the moment and he's really trying to not have to use them. I commend him for it, but I just hope he doesn't push himself too hard! I can't help it, I worry, lol!

I'm on my last stretch with these storyboards. It's almost a relief to be done with them; there was a point where I was so blocked I wanted to cry. Plus it was way out of my comfort zone; it was a mecha based story. I've never even drawn a toaster (figuratively) let alone a mecha, lol! But it's a good thing; it was a challenging story to convey and I hope that it works well when i compile them into an animatic. It's great getting back into something animation related. It's even better knowing I haven't completely lost it.

MetroCon was wonderful and it left me with a few commissions that I had to take home with me, so I'll be working on that almost as soon as I finish this animatic. I think I might try to push more commission works again; there's been a positive spike in our pageviews of our public sites, so I'm hoping we can take advantage of that in a way, lol,

I guess I should try to sleep. It's gonna be over 100 degrees again tomorrow. I need whatever rest i can sweat off for tomorrow, LOL!


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