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back to the light table, LOL
Things have gotten quite rutty lately. Business hasn't been hitting as well as I had hoped, despite the regular applying. The few projects I actually have are basically pro-bono which I'm not a fan of but damn if the stories aren't cool. It's also in comics, something I've wanted to get into but never got around to it. At the very least, this will serve as actual good portfolio work. *sigh* I'm still not liking that I'm doing so much work for free and I'm having a rather hard time finding a way out of it. I've spoken with Dee Jay and we're actually considering agencies that might help us score some more jobs. Maybe at least once we get a few clients under our belt we can go solo again, but at the moment, I don't know...we got the biz up, we got good variety of work, we're talking and networking...what are we missing?

This frustration has gotten me to a sort of "f**k it" point. Not the "f**k it I'm done doing this" but "f**k it, if I'm gonna do work for free, I might as well do work for me for free" so I began looking through some older sketches and animation work. Book It is definitely something I want to finish, but I think I'm still dreading wanting to go back into it. At least, if I did, I think I'd still half ass something and I don't want to do that.

That project though got me thinking about another one, one that I had to abandon because I wouldn't have been able to finish it on time. I was real bull headed about it in the beginning, I spent a month on the boards almost another 2 just getting the keys down on the first 10 seconds of the film and my instructor/adviser kept reaming me about it because he was like, there's no way you're going to finish this at the level you'll be satisfied with and with the time frame you want (it was slated at 10 minutes) keep up with your other classes. Hell, one of my other instructors told me I was going to kill myself if I kept animating the way I did. I thought it was funny until he asked me why I was laughing (which made me laugh more because now I was nervous, LOL!)

It wasn't until mid to late November that I gave in and started over on Book It. I had a small head start on the boards for Book It because it was originally a location assignment for my storyboard class. They were a quarter of the way done, I just continued the story from where i left off, lol!) Still not 100% happy with the end product of that animation, but it was still funny and I still think it was a pretty good attempt with 16 credit hours in 4 months, lol!

Anywhoo, the original project was based off of a Japanese myth involving 3 gods, Amaterasu, the sun goddess, Tsukuyomi the moon god, and Ukemochi, the goddess of food (I guess, lol!)

The gist of the story is that Amaterasu is doing her rounds but doesn't have time to hit everyone, so she asks her brother, Tsukuyomi, to visit Ukemochi and see how things are. Ukemochi hears that he's coming to visit and makes a fabulous feast for him in a rather...unconventional way. She either barfs or poops it out. It looked great though. Now, she thought she did a great job. Tsukuyomi? Not so much. In fact, he was so livid he killed her. Not only that, but once he's done the deed, he goes to his big sis to tell her the good thing he did. Except that he didn't do a good thing, not to her. Amaterasu was so hurt and upset that he would do such a thing that she never wanted to see him again. Since then, he's been chasing after her wanting forgiveness. And that is how we have day and night.

I wish I knew where the actual story was; my asian studies instructor gave me the story but I believe it's still buried in boxes from our move. Finding the right story has been hard to find since, but I have found some nice variations, some that talk a little more about Ukemochi since she's one of the lesser known gods.

I thought it'd be real neat to take the story and turn it into a modern day drama. How would this story translate in the modern world? How would these gods interact with the here and now? Then I thought, should they even be gods at all? What about a more modern perception of worship? Celebrities, super wealthy types, they' re treated like gods to some extent (well, that's a pretty exaggerated way to think of it, but you get my drift) they have power and influence, they can do almost whatever they want. What if they weren't adults either?

What if they weren't adults? What about their influence was inherited? How would they handle it as kids? Teens? How would they wield that power at a younger age? How would their god like status be interpreted then? All these kind of questions were popping up as I was working on this initially and as much as I hated to admit it to my adviser later, he was right. There was just too much to do with that kind of a deadline.

Now though, I have all the time in the world (well, sort of, lol!) I've gotta start setting up a deadline for myself. But I'm really looking forward to answering these questions to create a real solid story. Save for like, one thing, every part of the original attempt at this animation has been scrapped. I can't wait to see what it's gonna look like now!


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