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What a blast from my past LOL!
Considering how shitty things have gone so far, being able to access this little snippet of time has been hella entertaining. And brought me to tears. But not in a good way, more like in a "omg I can't believe it this is so embarrassing how did I ever think this was worth writing" kind of way LOL!

But it's there it is and as cringe-worthy as this all is, it's part of my past and, you know...fuck it. Why not keep it, have a laugh if I choose to walk down memory lane again? For that matter, why not explore this format again and see if any of us oldies still use this thing?

So, accoridng to this, I got my account in 2002. I was...geez 19. HOLY SHIT. 19. Hell, even my username is from one of my favorite neopets I had (which I'm still amazed they still exist LOL)

I'm almost 35 now! SO. OLD! lol!

Well priorities have definitely shifted from then to now.

That dude (Dee Jay) I dated is now my husband. Happily married since 2009.
We graduated MCAD together and went from part time freelancers to full time artists.
Since graduating, we went from struggling to get by living in my parents' house to our 3 year anniversary as home owners ourselves.
We had our own brick and mortar store in a mall in Orlando. (well, I still have it technically, for like...11 more days. The mall itself is shutting its doors so everyone is leaving)
We've been doing cons hardcore, and have met some super amazing people doing so.
We've had some pretty awesome experiences, like selling our work in Universal CityWalk and being in a really awesome art show in NYC.
Dee Jay was felt up my Morimoto and it was the most hilarious thing on the planet.

Hmmm...Not much else that I can scrounge up (I've been up since 4 and my brain is finally winding down to a point where I might be able to go back to sleep LOL)


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