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neo_sairys's Journal

Taking life by the frames
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Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Wait a minute, wrong intro

Hmmmmm...how can I sum up close to 30 years in a paragraph? Well, I'm a native NY'er (Go Brooklyn!) but spent my adolescence in Puerto Rico. While there I fell in love with art and music, and when I graduated HS I was on a mission to become an animator. My family shipped off to FL, and I got my A.A in Studio/Fine art at Valencia, meeting some of the most wonderful friends I've ever had.

Still not quite where I wanted to be, I went and packed my bags and moved myself up to Minnesota to study at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where I got my BFA in Animation. It was the most intense college years of my life, but I got some good art chops and a solid work ethic that I'm nothing less than proud of. It was even better knowing that my best friend, partner in crime, fellow animator and wonderful hubby Dee Jay was there with me.

So there that's it. Go home now.