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Animators can be such geeks.
The other morning I was humming random Disney tunes in my head and Hunchback of Notre Dame's "Feast of Fools" was on cerebral repeat. Besides this movie being awesome, it stands out for a couple sentimental reasons; one, when my cousin and I shared a room she used to make me sing damn near the entire soundtrack to her before she went to sleep. You know, during those days when I thought I was going to grow up and be a famous singer and sing for Disney and all that (how I was going to do that with stage fright, I'll never know, but hey these were childhood dreams, lol!) and also because that's one of the few animated movies that Dee Jay had yet to see. Spent the rest of the day really wanting to watch it with him. Not just watch, but make a neat little event out of it; something to match the theme of the movie.

When I told him I wanted to watch the movie with him he was all for it. What's better, he was totally in with the themed night too (awesome!) so after we did our rounds after work we went to Publix and went all out; wine, cheese and fruit; crusty bread, olive oil and salt & pepper to spice it with. We snuck away into our room, arranged all the fixins and  pressed play. I'm happy to say that after all these years I still remember most of the lyrics to the songs and I did my best to sing them quietly so I wouldn't ruin the movie. My fav part was watching Dee Jay choke on his wine laughing at the part where Quasimodo grabbed Pheobus at the stairway and Quasi has him like, 3 feet off the ground, LOL! It was nice also to admire the movie again, not just for the fact that it was good, but spotting little technical things like AE masks and filters, cycles, slow ins/outs and so many other little nuances that give characters so much flair. It was just pretty awesome to re-visit a bit of my childhood, re-discover things I might have missed and now that I know a bit more of what goes into an animation, to find a whole slew of new things to love about it as well. That, and hearing Dee Jay's astonishment about how big Esmeralda's rack is. That's my baby! LMAO!

With all the drama going down with jobs and health, It was great to just forget about everything for awhile to have some good, uninterrupted quality time with my hubby. I really hope to do it again someday soon.

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What a Topsey-Turvey world we live in.

Loved the movie when it came out. I believe I have it on DVD. Heaven's light was my favorite song followed by Topsey-Turvey.

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