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Back from the dead! (seemingly)
I've just been posting here alot less that I've intended to. Which sucks because I really do enjoy blogging for funzies. This month has been hectic as HELL though. I'm at the home stretch on an animation for a client and it's been taking up almost every second of my time as of late. Seriously, it's been wake up, go to desk draw 'till I'm hungry...which is a very bad thing for me. When I'm really into a project I get into the habit of not wanting to get up unless I absolutely have to. There are days that I have to ask myself "did I eat today?" or worse still "when was the last time I ate?" At one point I think I hit a 3 day mark.

Then again that's what happens when I'm animating. Funny, when I started this project I kinda told myself that since I don't have any other real distractions, like classes or the theme park, I'd be able to pace myself well and keep a regular 8hr day and be able to do other things. Nope. I was able to do that in the concept and boarding stages, but once it got down to the knitty gritty of it all, I became a full blown hermit. Seriously, I've gone out of this room only for potty breaks and to get water. I've been in this room so long I'm about to start talking to the drawings on my wall for company, LOL!

I've been pulling some insane hours as of late too. 22 was my highest so far. on average I'd say I work 10-12 though before I'm either too tired, or Dee Jay needs to use the computer for our project (since this one doesn't die like our laptops do) or my hand is too swelled and hurts to draw anything. At the moment, it's the hand swelling. It hurts like a bitch! I hate it! *cries*

At the same time though? OMG it's coming out so nice!! It kind of sucks that I can put in a full work day for only a few seconds of final result but at the same time there's that feeling of satisfaction knowing the character looks nice and is coming alive right before you! That honestly keeps me going while I'm working; I'll be seeing a real cute little animation at the end; something that i helped create and bring to life!

Ok, I'd better ice and brace this hand before the knot on the wrist gets worse, lol.


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