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ramblings and convention yays
I swear to god I haven't been abandoning this thing on purpose! I've just...well, I just don't think I've had anything interesting to say in awhile. I've been staying home alot more often now that I'm working almost exclusively on art and at conventions and stuff, which is hella rewarding; but it's still not making the money that I am hoping it would. That's not to say that I expected ourselves to be an overnight success, goodness, freelance is hella hard to find. Sometimes, it feels so daunting that I don't even know where I'd want to begin! ARRG.

The conventions have been fabulous though. I'll admit, the one we did up north we didn't do as well money wise, but it was still a great time that was had. We met some great people and sold one of Dee Jay's spray paintings during the drive home, lol!! Megacon was fan-flipping-tastic! We were like, 30 bucks under our AFO end total which honestly blew me away. I had no idea that we'd be as well received as we were there, with all the amazing talent surrounding us. I was hella worried and honestly afraid that we were going to bomb this one, only because there were so many better options (in my opinion at least) I was wondering why the hell people would even come over to our table. But they did, and bought alot of stuff and I was floored and so thankful to everyone that came by and talked with us or bought something. I'm totally doing this again next year.

I've got nothing convention wise next month, so I'm hoping to power through the rest of these commissions so that I can focus on some new art for the next cons coming up in april. We're selling at least one original piece at every con which is great but that leaves alot of pockets in my portfolio that need to be filled back up, lol! I've already got a few new concepts so I'm looking forward to focusing on that soon. I think I might just have to find a way to divide my time with commissions and personal work, so that I don't get burned out with too much of one particular thing.

I think...I think that's it for now, lol! I'm sorry, I've been kind of unnecessarily scattered lately. I'll have to fix that soon, lol!!


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